Laser Blocking curtains – comparisons and applicationsSelect the appropriate laser blocking curtain identify the application

Material Name Colour Description Application Options PEL ratings Standard
Irradiated Area PEL (T3) 10s PEL (T2) 100s Conforms to
Existing Lasermet laser blocking material
Black one side and white on the other. High specification laser blocking material. Heavy duty. Easily cleaned. Hospital / Medical Environments / Clean Rooms / Universities / Laboratories / Research Establishments. Black- White;
Black – Black
4 mm² 3.9 MW/m² 2.2 MW/m² BS EN IEC 60825-4
2000 0.62 MW/m² 0.35 MW/m²
Formerly Blackcat and Laserlight
Grey Lower specification. Suitable for Class 3B and expanded Class 4 lasers. Cost effective price Laboratory environments. Blackout curtains Grey only 4 mm² 0.248 MW/m² 140 kW/m² BS EN IEC 60825-4

The Orca and Wolf laser blocking curtains are tested and certified to the laser safety standard BS EN IEC 60825-4

To select the appropriate laser blocking curtain identify the application. If you need to discuss the suitability of the product for your requirements please contact Lasermet.

Lasermet installations

Lasermet have installed thousands of laser safety products such as laser blocking curtains, screens and roller blinds in numerous institutions, hospitals, universities, research establishments and manufacturing facilities worldwide since 1987.


Q. Can you use ordinary blackout curtains to stop lasers?

A. No. Conventional curtain material is not good enough. It will not have been tested and it is usually made from a mesh or it will be woven. Either way it will have small gaps. It is also unsuitable material as the laser could easily burn through it, set fire to it, or simply pass straight through causing irreparable damage to skin or eyes. Lasermet’s laser blocking material is tested and is certified to conform to the stated PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit) ratings listed in the respective tables.

Q. Can I use any black plastic material to stop the laser light?

A. No. Plastic material may reduce daylight but it not suitable for lasers. Laser protective material must be tested and certified as conforming to the laser safety standard BS EN IEC 60825-4.

Q. Which laser blocking material is suitable for sun blocking?

A. Either of the options are suitable for sun blocking: the “Orca” (Black and white range) or the grey “Wolf” range.

Q. Are the curtains light-tight and suitable for a dark room?

A. No. Laser blocking material is designed to stop direct laser light. Diffuse sunlight or ambient lighting may be reflected around the edges of roller blinds or curtains.