Coronavirus Procedure Pods with UVC disinfectionThese Coronavirus pods are for patients with suspected Covid-19 Coronavirus

Instant Covid-19 testing facility to minimise infection
• Sealed environment
• Disinfected using UVC in 4 minutes
• Patient and Health worker isolated
• Non-touch automatic doors on entry
and exit
• Illuminated Signs indicate Enter
and No Entry with Audible Warning

Procedure Pod 1: Covid-19 Testing

This provides hospitals with an instant facility to enable Covid-19 testing to take place in a sealed environment which can be disinfected in 4 minutes by UVC light – to minimise infection.

The testing pod measures 2.2m wide x 2.4m high and 3m long. 
This is the view as the patients approach the pod.

The illuminated signs indicate when the patient is to enter.  The doors are touchless and open automatically .

The Personal Procedure Pod: How does it work?

The pod is divided into two sections – one for the Health worker and one for the patient. There is an entry door at one end and an exit door at the other end for the health worker. There are separate entry and exit doors for the patient so that the patient enters one door and exits the other door at the opposite end of the pod.


1. The Health worker enters the “Staff Only” side of the pod and prepares the Covid-19 testing swabs ready for the patient. The doors are then closed and interlocked to prevent inadvertent entry.

2. The illuminated sign on the patient entry door changes from the red “NO ENTRY” message to the green “ENTER” message. An audible alert also sounds.

3. As the patient approaches the pod door it automatically opens. Once the patient enters the pod, the entry door closes and is interlocked.

4. The patient then goes to the window in the centre of the pod to be tested by the health worker who is located on the other side of the window. The window is opened, the swab test (or other appropriate test) is done and the window then closed.

5. The illuminated sign above the exit changes from the red “LOCKED” message to the green “EXIT” message with an audible alert. The patient then approaches the exit door which then opens automatically. Once the patient has left, the door then closes and locks.

6. If the pod needs to be disinfected the healthworker has to leave via the exit door. Sensors detect if there is anyone in the pod before any disinfection begins. Once the pod is unoccupied, the doors are automatically locked and the disinfection procedure is started. This is controlled by the Interlock Controller – a hand-held tablet based controller that controls all safety functions.


Hand-held Interlock Controller


7. Inside both parts of the pod, high powered UVC lamps are switched on by the controller. During the automated disinfection process which takes 4 minutes, all surfaces of the pod are exposed to a minimum radiant exposure (fluence) of 40mJ/sqcm. This is expected to be sufficient to achieve a Log 6 (99.9999%) disinfection of Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2).


8. Once disinfection is complete the doors automatically unlock and the procedure can be continued.

Multi-purpose unit
The unit can also be specified for use as accommodation and isolation as the unit can be fitted without the inner wall. It can also be used as a disinfection unit.

FAQs on Lasermet’s coronavirus testing pods

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