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Laser Safety Audit

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Our laser safety audits are designed to ensure that your organisation operates in accordance with best practice with regard to the safety of lasers, LEDs and other optical hazards in order to minimise the risk of personal injury to staff or third parties. They are also designed to ensure that you and your organisation are able to prove that you have operated in accordance with best practice by obtaining expert advice and then following that advice. In order to do this we make the written report as comprehensive as possible. This can be used as evidence of ‘due diligence’ during any HSE visit.

A laser safety audit will consist of:

Viewing laser facilities and products

Discussing laser safety issues with Laser Safety Officer and other interested parties

Advising on laser safety requirements, including:

  • Training requirements
  • Administrative controls
  • Engineering controls
  • Personal protective equipment

Providing full written report

All laser safety audits will report in accordance with the following European Laser Safety Standards, Directives and UK law as appropriate:

EN 60825-1 Safety of laser products
EN 60825-2 Safety of Fibre Optic Telecommunication Systems
EN 60825-4 Laser Guards
EN 207 Laser Protective Eyewear
EN 208 Laser Alignment Eyewear
IEC TR 60825-14 Users Guide for safety of lasers
Machinery Directive
Health & Safety in the Workplace Act

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