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Laser Power Meter Calibration Services

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ADM-1000 Optical Power & Energy Meter Automated Power Meter Calibration

Following the successful setup of our UKAS accredited laser testing laboratory and the launch of our new laser power meter, we have now set up a calibration laboratory in our Bournemouth premises for the purpose of offering laser power meter calibrations.  We are able to undertake NPL traceable calibration of laser power meters at any of the following wavelengths:

407 nm
436 nm
473 nm
488 nm
532 nm
543 nm

595 nm
633 nm
658 nm
672 nm
780 nm
808 nm

821 nm
904 nm
980 nm
1064 nm
10600 nm

We offer competitive package prices for:

Calibration No. of Wavelengths

1 Meter with 1 Detector Head

1 Meter with 2 Detector Heads


1 Meter with 1 Detector Head

1 Meter with 2 Detector Heads


1 Meter with 1 Detector Head

1 Meter with 2 Detector Heads


Users of this service will have the confidence of knowing that their power meters have been calibrated by Lasermet, a UKAS accredited laser testing laboratory (UKAS testing lab no: 2682.  NB the calibration itself is not currently UKAS accredited).  All calibrations are issued to a +/- 3% accuracy.


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