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Lasermet ADM - 1000
Advanced Laser Power Meter with PC Interface

  • Super-fast response times down to 700 ns using the Lasermet Advanced Detector Interface
    Advanced Detector Interface (ADI) Logo
  • Exceptionally high accuracy and repeatability
  • Peak power, energy per pulse and average power measurements
  • Display & measurement of pulsed waveforms up to 400 kHz
  • Easy-to-use hand-held instrument
  • Choice of compatible photodiode and thermal heads
  • Patented speed-up circuitry and stabilisation electronics for thermal heads
  • New compact photodiode head for measurements in confined spaces
  • Fully calibrated and traceable to international and UK National Physical Laboratory standards
  • Illuminated display and keypad

The ADM -1000 offers laser users a new level of power-measuring performance combined with the ease of using a hand-held power meter - all at an affordable price.

The specialist design team at Lasermet developed the ADM -1000 in response to customer demand for a laser power meter with better quality and performance - one that is truly responsive, accurate, stable and easy to use.

The result is a convenient hand-held power meter with a response rate that is effectively instantaneous and the ability to make consistent, accurate measurements of peak and average power. For pulsed laser users, the ADM-1000 offers the precision to measure and display waveforms up to 400kHz.

ADI Logo

Using the PC Interface software enables users to view graphs on a PC in greater detail.
ADM 1000 Graphical Display

ADM 1000 Graphical Display

At the heart of the system is the Lasermet Advanced Detector Interface (ADI) which has been specially configured to enable the ADM-1000 to measure significantly smaller and faster signals than conventionally-used meters. The ADI allows the electronics to be placed close to and optimised for each detecting head thereby achieving maximum performance every time.

The hand-held Advanced Digital Meter, which provides clear digital and graphical displays, is used in conjunction with any of the Lasermet detector heads. There are a variety of high-performance photodiode and thermal heads to choose from depending on the laser characteristics and type of measurements to be undertaken.

This versatile instrument has a wide variety of applications including:

• Production calibration • Instantaneous measurements
• Automatic laser stability testing • Laboratory or field use
• Direct peak power measurement for pulses of 4's or longer • Medical laser output power / energy check
• Pulse energy measurement • Measurements in confined areas
• Pulsed laser characterisation • Laser tuning
• Oscilloscope function
ADM 1000 Laser Power Meter

ADM 1000
Laser Power Meter

Advanced Digital Meter ADM -1000

  • Average and peak power measurement
  • Energy per pulse measurement
  • Digital and bar readout
  • Graphical oscilloscope mode - displays pulse waveforms up to 400kHz with calculation cursors to display energy, power, time, frequency
  • Automatic head detection
  • Auto or manual ranging
  • Interface to PC via USB connection
  • Full illuminated numeric keypad for easy control and data entry

Detector Heads

Standard photodiode heads.
These are supplied complete with integrating spheres for maximum reduction of reflections, easy alignment and high accuracy. UV- and IR-enhanced options are available

Compact photodiode heads
Designed for limited spaces with no integrating sphere, this head has a depth of only 25mm. These are available in standard and UV-enhanced options

Thermal heads
These have been designed with performance and ease of use in mind. They include:

  • patented advanced speed-up circuitry giving a response time of 20 ms
  • patented advanced integrated temperature stabilisation circuitry to massively reduce drift & thermal interference
IPDH 10S Integrating sphere

IPDH 10S Integrating sphere

ITDH 100P thermal detector head

ITDH 100P thermal detector

Detector head connections

Detector head connections

ITDH 100P on stand

ITDH 100P on stand

Compact Photodiode Head IPDH-10C

Compact Photodiode Head IPDH-10C



Integrating Sphere Photodiode Head

Thermal Heads

Compact Photodiode Heads

Part No.

IPDH - 10S

ITDH - 100P

IPDH - 10C

Wavelength Range (nm)

400 - 1100

180 - 20,000

400 - 1100

Detector Type




Response Time

700 ns

20 ms

700 ns

Max Input Power

1 W

20 W

10 mW

Min Input power for Useable Reading

0.1 µW

1 mW

1 nW

Dimensions (mm)


76 mm dia. x 86.5 mm deep


76 mm dia. X 86.5 mm deep


64 mm x 41 mm x 17 mm deep

Aperture Diameter (mm)




One of Lasermet's testing facilities
ADM1000 Carry Case

Carry Case

To protect your ADM 1000 meter and heads for storage or transport, a robust ABS carry case is available with precut protective foam. The case will carry the following items:

  • 1 off ADM 1000 meter
  • 2 off Large detector heads (Integrating sphere or thermal heads)
  • 1 off Compact detector head
  • 1 off Power supply
  • All cables, manuals etc.

Dimensions: 370 mm x 270 mm x 150 mm

Part number: ADM-CA-S