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Laser Interlock® and Illuminated Warning Sign System for Operating Theatres

This is a locking Interlock® system recommended for operating theatres, to protect staff, while preventing interruptions to the laser.

Schematic of Laser Interlock® System for Operating Theatres

Functions and Operation

1. Each laser to be used in the theatre should have its own Interlock® lead.

2. When required for use the laser should be moved into position in the theatre. The Interlock® connector lead must then be plugged into the Interlock® operator socket provided as part of the Interlock® system.

3. The laser is disabled until the Interlock® controller is reset.

4. The Interlock® controller will not arm the laser until:

  • a. The Interlock® controller power switch is turned on
  • b. The Interlock® controller key-switch is turned on
  • c. All doors are closed
  • d. Any interlocked roller blinds are closed

5. When all the above are done the 'Reset ready' LED on the controller will light.

6. Press the reset button on the Interlock® control.

This has the following effects:

  • a. The laser is now enabled
  • b. All illuminated laser warning signs will light and the dual colour, dual message LED warning signs will change to red to show "Danger Laser On"
  • c. All doors are locked (electromagnetically).

7. The laser can now be used, safely and without interruption.

8. Anyone can leave the theatre, without interrupting the laser, by pressing the override pushbutton (press to exit button) next to any of the doors. This will activate the override and release the maglock allowing the door to be opened.

As long as the door is shut within the preset override time (typically around 15 seconds), the laser will stay enabled and can continue to be used. When the override is active the red 'Override On' LED on the laser Interlock® controller will light. An audible alarm will also sound. If desired the alarm can be disabled by removing Link 10 from the override PCB.

9. Authorised personnel can enter the theatre without interrupting the laser, by tapping in the code onto the keypad outside any door. This activates the override and releases the maglock in the same way as above.

10. In the event of an emergency, exit from the theatre can always be made by any one of the following methods:

  • a. Turning off the controller mains switch or Interlock® keyswitch
  • b. Pressing the override piushbutton next to each exit doorway
  • c. Breaking the emergency stop / door release breakglass next to each exit doorway.

11. In the event of an emergency, entry to the theatre can always be made by use of the emergency stop / door release breakglass outside any of the doors. This will release all door maglocks. Note, subsequent opening of any door will disable the laser.

12. When use of the laser is finished the Interlock® keyswitch should be turned off. This will disable the laser, release all door maglocks and turn off the illuminated signs. The Interlock® mains switch should then be turned off.

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