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Falcon Active Speed Door

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High Speed Industrial Roller Shutter Door with Active Laser Guarding Laser Jailer option
  • High speed Industrial Roller Shutter Door with optional Active Laser Guarding
  • Speed (adjustable): 0.6-1.8m/s
  • Typical open/close time: < 3 seconds
  • Motor: SEW Motor
  • Inverter options: Allen Bradley, SEW or Lasermet
  • Safety: PLC bump switch, safe edge, photocell (customer control), active guarding

The Falcon Active Speed Door is an industrial door which is ideal for manufacturing and laser processing applications as well as for indoor industrial and outdoor logistics that have frequent high-speed traffic.

The Falcon Speed Door is:-

  • FAST
  • Highly efficient, insulated and secure
  • Can be supplied with the "Laser Jailer" Active Laser Guarding system

Laser Jailer

For laser processing applications the door has an active laser guarding system attached to it comprising of flexible circuits which are monitored by the laser interlock controller. If a laser strikes the guarding system covering the door the laser is switched off virtually immediately.

The laser is interlocked so that it is only enabled when the door is closed.

Front view of the Falcon door

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