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M Rated Eyewear for Femto-second & Pico-second Lasers





Type L05
Type L07
Type L08
Type LGF

Lasers which emit pulses of less than 1 ns duration are becoming increasingly common. These lasers are often referred to as femto-second or pico-second lasers, are the very short pulse times mean extremely high power densities are achieved. Protective eyewear for these lasers needs to be tested to withstand these conditions. The European Laser Protective Eyewear Standard, EN207, defines protection levels - L numbers - for all laser protective eyewear. For femto-second and pico-second lasers the L numbers are preceded by the letter M (instead of D, I or R, which refer to CW, long pulse and Q-switch respectively). Hence protective eyewear for these lasers is often referred to as 'M-rated' eyewear.

Until recently M-rated eyewear was not commercially available, which placed users of femto and pico-second lasers in a dilemma. However, we are now able to offer this range of M rated eyewear. At the time of writing, we believe this is the entire range of such eyewear available.

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M Rated Wavelength range (nm)
Frame types
Filter code Filter type
315 – 532 L05, L07, L08 LV-27 Glass
315 – 532 L05, L07, L08 LV-37 Glass
700 - 900 L07, L08 LV-58 Glass
720 - 900 L07, L08 LV-48 Glass
780 – 830 LGF GL-320 Polycarbonate
795 - 805 L07, L08 LV-23 Glass
1045 - 1100 L05, L07, L08 LV-27 Glass

This protective eye-wear conforms with the European PPE Directive under standard EN 207