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IPL & Laser Clinics – Safety Products & LPA

Safety Products and LPA Work for Laser & IPL Clinics

Safety Products and LPA Work for Laser and IPL ClinicsWe are working closely with Cosmetic, Health, Dental and similar clinics offering Laser & Intense Pulsed Light treatments, to enable them to work safely and comply with the requirements of the Care Quality Commission . To this end we offer a large range of suitable protective eyewear, illuminated and non-illuminated safety signs, protective curtains and roller blinds, core of knowledge training, LPA support and help with Care Quality Commission registration.

Core of Knowledge Training for IPL & Laser Clinic Staff

We offer in house courses to supply 'Core of Knowledge Training' in laser & IPL safety, as required by the Healthcare Commission. As well as satisfying Care Quality Commission requirements, these courses will give participants a grounding in the safe use of lasers & IPL systems. All training is led by experts in the field.

LPA (Laser Protection Adviser) and Help With Healthcare Commission Registration for Laser & IPL Clinics

We offer a complete package of Laser Protection Adviser & Expert Medical Practitioner support for Clinics offering cosmetic, dental and similar treatments with IPL or laser systems. As part of this package we give extensive help to new clinics needing to register with the Care Quality Commission.

Protective curtains and roller blinds for IPL Protective curtains & roller blinds for IPL

Curtains & roller blinds designed to protect people outside the treatment room by preventing IPL radiation from passing through windows.

Protective curtains & roller blinds for lasers Protective curtains & roller blinds for lasers

Laser blocking curtains & roller blinds designed to stop Class 4 lasers.

Safety Eyewear for IPL Safety Eyewear for IPL

A broad range of protective eyewear for operators and patients of IPL machines.

Safety Eyewear for LasersSafety Eyewear for Lasers

We offer a very wide range of frame styles and filter types to suit all tastes and all types of lasers.

Safety Eyewear for PatientsSafety Eyewear for Patients

A broad range of protective eyewear for patients of laser & IPL machines, offering total protection whilst allowing the best possible access to the face.

Safety Signs for Laser and IPLSafety Signs for Laser & IPL

Illuminated and non-illuminated warning signs for rooms where laser or IPL systems are being used.