Well at the end of the day – by far the most effective way is to put the laser and the equipment it is working on inside a box – but not just any box. Obviously, the box has to be safe and must be able to withstand the dangerous and damaging effects of the laser in question.

So, you may think “OK so I’ll get a metal box made from 2mm steel and sit that around the laser welding robot and we’re all done.” Sorry to disappoint you but this is not necessarily going to be safe. It all depends on the power of the laser, the power density and its focal point and focal length.

Lasermet arranged for independent testing to be carried out on various materials which included blasting a 5kW laser onto a 2mm sheet steel plate.  The steel did last and kept everyone safe – but only for seven seconds!

What you need is a material that contains the laser energy for much longer. Yes, you’ve guessed it, Lasermet have just the material you are looking for.  Specially developed and rigorously tested, Lasermet have produced the Laser Castle® which is built from modular panels containing this special laser blocking material. The same independent test was carried out on the Laser Castle® panels and the result was that the same 5kW laser had still not penetrated the panel after a whopping eight minutes. (The video of this is available online on Youtube via the Lasermet website – have a look).

So, let us assume for the moment that you decide to go ahead and install a Laser Castle cabin to ensure the safety of your staff. It uses an Interlock® which means that the laser will only arm once all of the doors etc have been closed.  You use your laser and the robot to perform your laser process. After a while you identify that you need a bigger cabin and you are asking “If I get a laser safety enclosure or cabin for my laser operations, what happens when I change it or get a larger, more powerful laser on a multi-axis robot?”

The answer to this is very simple.  You get a modular system that you can change. Lasermet’s Laser Castle is built from modular panels and so it can be easily dismantled or it can be added to, to increase its size to virtually any size you like. Yes really!

The laser cells range in size from desktop size, to room sized enclosures – right up to massive ones that you can fit a plane in. Here are some specific, purpose-built laser safety cabin examples…

Table Top Laser Safety Enclosure

Here we have the Lucas Laser Castle® optical table top enclosure followed by a very large Laser Castle laser enclosure – large enough to fit a plane in.

Big laser safety cabin

So the Laser Castle® is available in virtaully any size you need… safe, interlocked and certified to keep your staff safe.  Read more on the Laser Castle laser safety cabin