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The Blackcat range of laser safety curtains - now rebranded as the Wolf range. Visit Wolf laser safety curtains for details...

The Blackcat range of laser safety curtains

The Blackcat range of laser safety curtains The Blackcat range of laser safety curtains

Lasermet's Blackcat Laser Safety Curtains are manufactured from a specially developed laser-blocking material and can be supplied ready-made as ceiling or wall-mounted curtains. The dark grey material will operate as a blackout curtain as well as a laser blocking curtain.

Ideal for use with Class 3B and expanded Class 4 lasers, the material is also fireproof. Protection times given by the material at various power densities are shown in the specifications below.

The top of the curtains have eyelets to support the curtain. They are also supplied with hooks to connect to a curtain track.

The weight of the material is 900g/sqm. Heavy duty curtain tracks can be supplied for smooth operation and for applications where the curtain needs to be suspended below the fixing points, high-quality cubicle curtain track is available.

PEL - Permissible Exposure Limits

Irradiated Area PEL (T3) 10s PEL (T2) 100s
4 mm² 248 kW/m² 140 kW/m²
2000 mm² 124 kW/m² 70 kW/m²

The Blackcat Laser Safety Curtain with pelmet The Blackcat Laser Safety Curtain with pelmet

Lasermet have installed thousands of laser safety products such as laser blocking curtains, screens and roller blinds in numerous institutions, hospitals, universities, research establishments and manufacturing facilities worldwide since 1987. This range of laser safety curtains provides laser radiation protection for surrounding personnel and infrastructure to the ratings stated in the PEL table.


Q. Can you use ordinary blackout curtains to stop lasers?

A. No. Conventional curtain material is not good enough. It will not have been tested and it is usually made from a mesh or it will be woven. Either way it will have small gaps. It is also unsuitable material as the laser could easily burn through it, set fire to it or simply pass straight through causing irreparable damage to skin or eyes. Lasermet's laser blocking material is tested and is certified to conform to the stated PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit) ratings listed in the table.

Q. Can I use any black plastic material to stop the laser light?

A. No. Plastic material may reduce daylight but it not suitable for lasers. Laser protective material must be tested and certified as conforming to the laser safety standard BS EN IEC 60825-4.

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